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Aerify Recovery Technology machine & 1 pair boots (chose your size) + Aerify carry bag with 5mm padding for protection.

Included hose system and remote control. EU socket type.


Leg Cuff Size Recommendations (please select correct size):

Medium - 110 cm x 70 cm (height ~1.55m to 1.75m, leg length up to 87-88cm)

Large - 125 cm x 72 cm (height 1.76 - 1.95m, leg length >88cm)

Large - 140 cm x 75 cm (height 1.88 - 2.15m, leg length >104cm)


If in doubt or boarderline, go for the larger size!


Aerify Standard Recovery boots system + BAG

Out of Stock
  • Weight - 5.2kg

    Pressure: 30-240mmHg

    Time settings: 1-99 minutes

    Voltage: 220V/ 50Hz

    Power: 65W

    2 year warranty

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