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Aerify shorts with 4 (or 8 for CHARGE) air chambers. 4 chamber shorts are compatible with Aerify Standard or LITE Recovery Technology pneumatic machine. 8 chamber shorts are compatible with Aerify CHARGE.

Included - 1 shorts, hose system.

N.B. Machine NOT included!!!


Aerify shorts come in ONE SIZE only - Large!


For athletes who want to also use the pneumatic pressure treatment on their glutes, groin, lower back etc...

Highly recommended for crossfit athletes, weight lifters, cyclists, triathletes, ice hockey players and other etc. Any sports that put a lot of force and endurance on your glutes, hamstrings and quads!


How to use the 4 chamber shorts?

- Plug the 4 air-way connector into the Aerify machine

- Select only the 4 chambers which are connected to the shorts and deselect the other 4 to prevent unnecessary air free-flow.

- Use the Aerify machine as usual.


How to use the 8 chamber shorts for Aerify CHARGE?

- Plug the connector into the Aerify Charge machine

- Use the Aerify machine as usual.

Aerify shorts

  • If you're not entirely satisfied, you may return the product within 14 days from receipt (return policy, terms and conditions apply).

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