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What the pro athletes say about Aerify!

We’re proud to share our passion for the Aerify Recovery Technology and we're dedicated to add value to everyone's life, training results and most importantly - recovery! We know that our most demanding customers are the professional athletes! Therefore we have collected the testimonials from various different representatives of different kinds of sports to show you what the most critical thinking and demanding people say about the Aerify Recovery boots!


I use the Aerify Recovery boots after my training every other day or so, sometimes even every day, for example during training camp when the trainings become very, very intense. I was super surprised by the Aerify Recovery boots in a good way because they actually work and help extremely well. Recovery of course for us, professional athletes, is one of the most important parts of being successful in sports, especially for me in cycling where we rely on having strong and recovered legs for every race!


Pro cyclist for Pro Continental Team Wallonie-Bruxelles



Ever since I tried recovery boots 9 years ago in my first Ironman Hawaii race, I became obsessed with them. Finally I found Aerify Recovey Boots, a new brand in Europe, with finally a very fair price. I got to be in the boots for 30 mins after running or biking hard. My legs were beaten up from the race, but after those 30 mins, my legs felt fresh. Not simply that they felt better, but that they felt 100% rested and relaxed. Since getting it January, I use the boots 4-5 times a week, usually for 45 minutes. Do I love it? Absolutely! The compression given by Aerify is really great. Aerify would squeeze the muscles out of our legs like toothpaste. I enjoy the different cycles I can use to apply pressure and have fun playing around with it.


Long Distance/Ironman Triathlete. 5-time national long distance champion and Ironman national record holder (Portugal).



In beacy volleyball, where we run in deep sand and play in a high heat temperatures, the ability of the body to recover plays a major role. During, between or after tournaments or trainings, sometimes there is not a lot of time available. Now I have Aerify Recovery boots that help me to be ready to fight again much faster! In professional sports every marginal gain, every little benefit can play a big difference between another victory or defeat. Plus the whole recovery process with Aerify actually feels great!!!


Professional beach volleyball player



For me Aerify Recovery boots is definitely a safe bet on a successful recovery because in my opinion they are very high quality boots with great performance, multiple programs and different pressure options that help me or any other athlete to recover quicker and feel much better to face the next training or next competition!


Cyclist and Olympic athlete (The 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing, China)



The Aerify Recovery boots have been the most effective tool I have used in my career so far. Not only have they reduced my rest time and allowed me to throw more regularly, but they have also been instrumental in overcoming a persistent knee injury. Perhaps best of all they allow me to recover whilst sitting watching TV with a protein shake in hand!


Athlete - Javelin Thrower. Irish national champion, U23 national record holder



Running requires a lot of training but also a healthy lifestyle and optimal recovery. I was looking for alternative solutions to my physiotherapist when I could not visit him, and I had already tried pressotherapy. I now use the Aerify Recovery system regularly after hard days of training in addition to recovery massages. Aerify significantly helps to improve my recovery, and to be able to chain the days of training by accumulating less fatigue. The practicality and varied programs of Aerify seduced me! And all of that for an attractive price as well!


National athlete, runner. Champion of France junior in 1500m running.


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